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The seat is adjusted quickly and easily using a gas spring while you are seated on the chair. Infinite adjustment: Seat angle 14 ° forward and 3 ° backward Not compatible with backrest. The seat and backrest angle of the chair is adjusted quickly and easily using two small gas springs while seated on the chair. Infinite adjustment: Seat angle 12 ° forwards and 3 ° backwards Backrest angle: 16 ° forward and 6 ° backward Automatically adjusts to the optimal ergonomic seating position. Corrects the seat angle to the center of gravity so the user is constantly sitting comforta- bly and dynamically. Stimulates the muscles within the natural degrees of freedom of the spine. Not compatible with backrest.

Easy Seat




Polyurethan seat

Provides good seating comfort and is practical and strong in the rougher environments

Upholstered with cold foam and fabric or imitation leather, which is comfortable and provides optimal seating comfort

Upholstered seat

Lacquered plywood

Strong, stylish and easy to clean

Plastic seat

Strong and easy to clean and suitable in extreme conditions

See pictures of the seats at:

Saddle chairs

There are many benefits to using a saddle chair. The sitting position means that the back retains its natural curve on the lower part, thereby reducing the tension throughout the back. Blood circulation in the body is improved because it is possible to sit with relatively “open” angles on the hips and knee joints. This sitting position prevents squeezing and tight, short muscles as you get the movement in the large muscle groups in the legs.


The small saddle


The classic cowboy saddle


The extra soft saddle


The V-cut saddle front


The comfortable, wide saddle


The two-part saddle, with adjustable width

See pictures of the saddles at: chairs/

Mounting The chairs are easy to mount. Scan the QR code on packaging and product or find the mounting instructions on our website:


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